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Make Coloring Book Game app for Android without coding. Convert black and white pictures to an Android game app. The app features multiple galleries, tools for coloring, eraser, push notifications. Make a gallery of images and let your users be creative and paint colorful pictures.

How to make Coloring app for Android: upload black and white images in PNG or JPEG formats, name your app, choose or upload the icon. Preview your app to see how it works before building an apk file.

To create a popular Coloring Book app, you should find your own niche and the target audience. You can make a paint game for kindergarten kids or adults, with anime, fictional characters, mandala, animals, etc. While creating your app, use relevant keywords in the name and description, localize your app in multiple languages, make attractive screenshots. Create your own Paint Color Book app like Happy Colour, Coloring & Learn, Colorfit, Paint Color, Colorfy, My Little Pony Color, and others.

How to get images for the coloring game?
Search black&white images on web
  • Images MUST be black&white with white background and black lines
  • Save images to your PC
  • Upload those to the form above
Crop image:
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