Create an exam app for Android without coding with our free Exam App Maker.

An exam app gives students an interactive way of learning, while helping them to get organised and focused. Exam apps are popular with teachers and students alike. Teachers use them to create quizzes and tests for their students by creating useful materials and then sharing them online. The Exam App Maker also allows students to create a practice question bank to study for an exam.

Exam features, for exams created in the app, include text, image and scratch questions; single, multiple, true/false and input answers. You can customize the background and category images, set colors, music, sounds, and fonts for the app. Question your audience on any subject and allow them to prove themselves to be experts in the chosen field.

How to make an Exam App?

So how do you create an exam in the Exam App Maker? To make an exam app for Android simply upload a background, choose a category for the question, and the question image, then choose the type of questions and answers. After this you can add a list of questions and correct /incorrect answers, customize colors, fonts, and sound effects, name your app and upload an icon.

To create a successful exam app, use the keywords in the name and description, localize your exam app in your home language, and make creative screenshots.
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After the app is created you'll be redirected to App Admin Panel so you could add your quiz content: questions, answers, categories, images. You'll be able to access the Panel and manage the content of your app later from Edit section of your Dashboard.

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