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Make 15 Puzzle game app for Android without coding with free Game App Maker. Make a sliding puzzle game with custom pictures. Let your users move tiles and solve the original images. Find the unique theme for your puzzles, so your gamers will be more engaged and return again and again.

How to make 15 Puzzle app for Android: upload multiple images (use PNG files for better quality), name your app and upload an icon.

To create an engaging game app, you should find your niche. You can make a sliding puzzle for kids, with images of nature, scenes from movies or cartoons, etc. Think outside the box to find the niche for your game. Use the keywords in the name and description, localize your 15 Puzzle app in your home language, make creative screenshots. Look at your competitors and build a quiz app like 15 Lines, 15 Slimes, 15 Puzzle Challenge, Classic 15 Puzzle etc.

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