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38 minutes ago in India
Create Tap the Cookie Game for Android without coding with free Game App Maker. Make Cookie Clicker with custom images. Your users have to score as many points as possible until the timer is over. Change cookie to anything else: animal, person, cake, moon, heart, poo, or even coronavirus! Be creative while making your own game app.

How to make a Tap the Cookie for Android: add phrases, upload background, and cookie images, name your app and upload an icon. Preview your game app before building apk.

To create an addictive Cookie game app, you should find the niche. You can make a cookie clicker with specific characters, animals, food, emoji, etc. Think outside the box to find the niche for your Android game. Use the keywords in the name and description, localize your app in several languages, make creative screenshots. Look at your competitors and build a cookie clicker app like Cookie Incremental, Cookie Clicker Breaker, Cookies Inc, etc.

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